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Second Presbyterian Church is one of Chicago's architectural gems. Architect James Renwick designed the Gothic Revival exterior and Howard Van Doren Shaw and Frederic Clay Bartlett redesigned the interior in the Arts and Crafts taste. In addition to the original interior fixtures and murals, memorial windows made by William Morris & Company, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, Tiffany Studios, Church Glass & Decorating Company, McCully & Miles, and Louis J. Millet enhance the Church's interior. In 2013, Second Presbyterian Church was designated a National Historic Landmark in recognition of its Arts and Crafts interior.  National Historic Landmark designation is reserved for buildings and sites that are determined by the Secretary of the Interior to possess national significance in American culture and history.

Friends of Historic Second Church exists to preserve, restore, and educate.

Please visit and join us in maintaining this historically significant architectural treasure.

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Photo Courtesy of Glessner House Museum

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Celebration of "Peace" Window Removal


Video Courtesy of Mark Loucks

Tiffany "Peace" Window Restoration Updates

S4 Peace hires

The alphabet letters indicate the areas of restoration. See areas below next to pictures.

 MG 5721

 Signature of Tiffany Studios! The paint is so faint that new paint will be applied on top of the orginial to bring it back to its 1903 luster. The best part is the new paint will be reversible in case we ever need to see the original!

 MG 6102 Version 2

Beginning a new section "B" and the medallions of all the figures. This sections is so large and unstable they were unable to put up on the easel for transmitted light photographs. Here in the picture above is in the crate just prior to cleaning and the taking of rubbings.


 MG 6211

The full size rubbing of section "E." This the angel that displays Peace banner and represents the name of the Peace Window.


 MG 6214   MG 6216

The initial cleaning process and the removal the of the cleaning solution.


 MG 6226   MG 6233   MG 6241

Accumulated dirt on the angel's face before cleaning and after.

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