Current Projects

Baptismal Font: The baptismal font at Second Presbyterian Church is one of the most iconic artistic elements of the sanctuary with its delicate beauty and intricate carving However, it is in ongoing peril due to its fragility and location. The limestone details of the lilies and lilies of the valley are easily broken off if the font is bumped into or leaned upon. Its location at the front of the sanctuary, while traditional for a Presbyterian church, puts it in harm’s way when there are weddings and concerts and during the monthly communion service. The font already displays substantial damage with many small design elements broken off over the years. A thorough discussion about how to best protect the font from further damage and yet not detract from its beauty has led to a practical yet stylish solution. A single C-shaped rail will be attached to four posts rising from the platform to surround the font thereby preventing people from getting too close to it while still affording access for baptisms. Rocio’s Custom Metalwork will craft the barrier using traditional materials.

DSC 9403




*All photos by Martin Cheung unless otherwise noted
*Interior sanctuary photo by James Caulfield