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Tiffany "Peace" Window:

The launch of the 1903 Tiffany “Peace” window restoration project is underway. Thanks to nearly 100 donors, this multi-phase project, costing over $300,000 officially began in June 2017 with Venturella Studio of New York City removing the window and transporting it to New York. There, the window’s glass and lead caming will be cleaned, repaired and restored to its 1903 brilliance.The conservation treatment which involves a number of conservators here in Chicago as well as Venturella Studio will take a year to complete. 

The Peace Window is one of nine in the church designed by the firm of Louis Comfort Tiffany and contains more than a thousand pieces of glass while standing over 16 feet high and 8 feet wide.  The window was donated to the church in 1903 and is based on a 13th century European design. It includes a depiction of an angel holding a banner displaying the word “Peace,” from which the window derives its name. 

Future work surrounding the window will include the removal of the window’s old Lexan covering and the fabrication and installation of a new covering.  The window’s steel frame will be examined and replaced if necessary. This work will be done by Neal Vogel of Restoric LLC.  Bulley Andrews Masonry will provide the necessary repair work on the exterior masonry.  Kelly Plastering will repair the interior plaster in the “Peace” window bay and Celtic Painting will then repaint the bay walls according to Shaw’s original color palette. The window’s reinstallation is expected by June 2018.  

Watch below as Venturella Studios removes a piece of the window. Video courtesy of Fox 32's own, Joanie Lum.

Removal of "Peace" Window




 Here are some more photos of the removal process below.

 IMG 2013                                          "Jim Murphy of Venturella Studio with rated window panels after their safe arrival in New York."                                         

     Removal of "Peace Window                  Jim Murphy of Venturella Studio with crated window panels after their safe arrival in New York.         

IMG 5642    IMG 5644

                                                                                 "Peace" Window Angel prior to removal.

GetFileAttachment 7    GetFileAttachment 5    GetFileAttachment 4 Section "O"

Image of panel before cleaning             Image of panel half clean.                     Image of panel fully clean.

 MG 5701            MG 5703

   Pieces from panel ready to be glued back together.           The sandboxes hold all the pieces and will cure                                                                                                                                                                        for two weeks before re-leading.

 MG 5747        MG 5748         MG 5749 Section "F"

Dirt collected after 100 years                     Brushing the dirt away.             Cleaning exposed five extra pieces of glass.                                   behind panels.                        

 MG 5763    MG 5764    MG 5765    MG 5766       

The leading in the images above will all be replaced. The images with the rubbings is the leading that will be fixed. The stained glass inside the rubbings is too small and fragile to be taken out, therefore that leading will stay.

 MG 5866  MG 5877   MG 5875

Working on Section "C" and releaded

   MG 5889 MG 5888   MG 5890

Working with Section "G" and checking leading before glass goes back in.

 MG 5901 

Section "G" releaded

 MG 5898 Version 2   MG 5865

Order replacement glass and replacement glass inserted into window.

 MG 5930

In Sect. C all glass is original except in the bottom “floral-motif” area. In the row of 4 green “leaves” the leaf on the left (in the corner of the rectangle) is our replacement, which is a much better match than what had been added in a previous repair.