2015 Event Archives

March 26, 2015
"Sculptors Anna Hyatt Huntington, Laura Gardin Fraser, and Sylvia Shaw Judson: A Comparison of Careers and Study of Cultural Milieu in Historic Sculpture"
by Jackie Kenyon
Co-sponsored by Glessner House Museum

May 28, 2015
"The Spotted Stone: Quarried in Chicago" by Nate Lielasus, AIA
Co-sponsored by the Association for Preservation Technology, Western Great Lakes Chapter

September 19, 2015
Walking Tour of Howard Van Doren Shaw's Marktown
led by Nate Lielasus and William Tyre

October 17-18, 2015
Open House Chicago

October 22, 2015
"Frank Lloyd Wright, 'Organicism,' and the Long Shadow of Beethoven" by David Patterson

Special Event

Celebration of Chicago History
"The Lincolns in Chicago"

June 18, 2015 -  6:00pm

Presentation by Mark B. Pohlad, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, Department of History of Art and Architecture
at DePaul University